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Hey folks, just wanted to let everyone know that we are aware that Dokuga is not running. Our server is transfering files as we speak. We hope to be back up soon, but it's still going on. We're sorry if anyone got freaked out, it Kinda happened VERY quickly and we only had a few hours notice. Just wanted to give you a heads up!

- Wiccan, DQ, Sugar0o, & Mithy
Hello, my fellow Dokugians!

I had hoped to avoid a system-wide message related to fundraising, but we are in somewhat dire straits.  I announced our need for fundraising in August via a forum post and, to date, I've had three donations from some of our most loyal, supportive members.  But, that's it.

We have enough in the account now to pay for this month and another three months after that.  Right now, our total stands at:


As I mentioned in my forum post, we will have to forgo the usual posting and banner placement this year (since it didn't work out too well last year).  I am working 6 to 7 days/week now, r0o and DQ are equally swamped in Real Life, and Moxie has been having some terrible physical problems that have prevented her from being able to devote any time to the site.

I'm not sure if this is why our donations have fallen off so much this year.  If so, I can only tell you all that I am terribly sorry that we have no way of rewarding our loyal supporters.  If that's not it, perhaps we're coming to the end of a terrific run for a site that I've loved from the beginning.  Who knows?

All I can say is that we will still need:


to pay the site through the rest of what has been our 'fiscal' year.  Last year we had a record number of donations, most in the $5 to $10 range, and we raised our goal within 2 months of the beginning of fundraising.  This year?  Not so much.

In any event, I wanted to make sure that all our members saw this notice, as some may have missed the forum post last month.  I will continue to pay the site hosting on a monthly basis until we either have to shut down, or we can pay the rest of the annual bill.  Every little bit helps, if you find yourself able to contribute.

Again, I'm terribly sorry that we cannot acknowledge our generous donors like we have every previous year, but life is just not letting up here.  Thank you all for being such terrific Dokugians and helping keep the site up and running for so long.  I am truly grateful to each and every one of you!!

Best Wishes,

We're sorry, but Dokuga is down right now due to a problem with one of the database programs. Liquidweb is on the problem and will let me know just as soon as they have more information. This may take a little while to fix... thank you for your patience and we'll have it back up and running ASAP!

Hang tight folks, and I'll let you know when we know what the problem is and how long it might take to fix.
Hey guys, I just went thought and cleaned out the galleries, putting things where i think they should go, and would really LOVE it if you all would actually submit work to where it should go rather then just automatically submitting to "featured."

We have other galleries. Please use them accordingly.
- sugar0o
The index card challenge: Art NaNo!

okay so i'm making a challenge, mostly b/c i want to, and b/c so many people are going on and on about nano, that i wanted to make an art challenge for the month of November.

The Index Card Challenge!


1. indexcards are CHEAP! and they can be easily bought almost anywhere
2. I thought i'd be fun to see what people could come up with

- as this is an index card challenge, your going to have to deal with index card sizes. I don't expect everyone to go out and buy index cards to do this challenge, but if you do it, please respect the sizes that you will be forced to work with: 3x5"/5x3" or 5x8"/8x5"
- you can use a program for this, so long as the image is the right size.
- new art only
- SK is a preference!
- I'd LOVE IT if you just used sharpies or markers to make your art, nothing outside of the standard crayola classic bold colors: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. this is a challenge after all!
- and b/c we're going against all those nano author's, well the goal is to hit 50 post card sized pics in 1 month!
- have fun!