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Prize Fanservice by Mareasol
Mature content
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The Hime Tradition- Chapter Nineteen
Chapter Nineteen- Her Answer
'She is from the future'.
Sesshomaru leaned back against his chair as he placed down the report in his hand. This fact explained the odd objects she carried around, her knowledge on advance numbers, and her effective healing supplies. He always predicted that she was brought up in a different area just by observing her strange behavior. However, he never considered she might be from a different time. He recalled Kagome voice her guilt for gaining demons respect because she held the advantage of her knowledge on the future.
The memory brought a soft chuckle to escape his lips.
A tender look shined through his softened eyes.
Had she truly tried to take advantage of her knowledge on the future, she could have sold her healing supplies. She would instantly be showered with riches. She could have exposed her wisdom on advanced numbers to the entire demon society. She would gain their respect immediately. He could think of so many other ways to take advantage of
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Kingdom Walls- Chapter Fifteen
Obsessed: preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.
Rays of sunlight shined brightly through the top windows of Tashio, proof of the hot weather that now hovered over the city. Sesshomaru looked down from his window, watching humans and demons walk about the busy streets. He wondered how out of all the people, no one could capture his attention as Kagome had. Every being he had met were either categorized as humans or demons. They never meant anymore to him than what they are and what they offered. But, for Kagome, he couldn't categorize her as either human or demon. For Kagome, he saw her more than what she was and what she offered. Exactly two years passed since his first encounter with Kagome at the door steps to his Father's house. During the two years, he reflected on the change of his view towards her. So many memories flooded, so many emotions, he couldn't get her out of his thoughts.
"Sesshomaru!" He heard his Father boom. He s
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Kingdom Walls- Prologue
Disclaimer: 'All Inuyasha characters are tradmarked by Rumiko Takahashi. This author merely writes on the basis of entertainment. ' The author states, while bowing in respect.
It has been years since the war has started. At first, the enemy was not even worth this Sesshomaru`s attention. Every wall was built and refined with the strongest barrier, making it impossible for anyone to break it down. This Sesshomaru miscalculated, however, by overlooking the enemy. Over the years of ignoring the insignificant enemy, the barrier surrounding the walls increasingly weakened.
Now, the once insignificant enemy has become this Sesshomaru`s greatest threat. However, defeat shall not be given easily, it shall be a fight unto death. Even as the enemy begins to take over the remaining walls, the enemy has yet to face its greatest barrier being I, Sesshomaru.
My kingdom has crumbled. But it does not matter for I shall kill the enemy and once again build my kingdom. The enemy is approaching c
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Kingdomw Walls- Chapter One
Annoyance: to cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations
Clawed hands, with visible two magenta strips along the wrist, reached for a button.
The front door intercom screen revealed an inuyoukai with silver hair tied in a high pony tail, two deep purple strips across the cheek, and wrinkles that appeared as he smiled, showing his old age. "Ah! Sesshomaru, my boy! It has been too long! How have you been?" came a light hearted voice.
"Father" Sesshomaru replied with a nod. As he brought his attention back to his father on the intercom screen, he stoically said, "Will you be stating your reasons for calling this Sesshomaru here by speaker?"
"Of course not, silly boy! Come in, come in!" Touga answered, not catching Sesshomaru's sarcastic remark.
The sound of the front door opening could be heard. Just as Sesshomaru was about to open and enter into the house, a hand stopped him.
"Inuyasha!" Sesshomaru heard a female voice behind him say, while grabbing his hand
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Kingdom Walls- Chapter Two
Stress: a mental, emotional, or physical strain or tension
"Father, you wished to see me" Sesshomaru said while entering his Father's study.
"Yes," Touga's eyes twinkled with amusement, "I see you've met Kagome?"
Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at that name. At the same time he felt a pounding in his head. Waiting for his Father to get to the point, he began to massage his temple.
"To the point then," Touga's smile was replaced with a serious frown, "I want you to take over the company soon."
Sesshomaru looked to his Father stoically, neither feeling the emotions one would feel at the thought of becoming the CEO of the prestigious company Tashio.
"However," Touga continued keeping an eye on his son's reaction, "Kagome suggested that it would be a learning experience to work your way up on your own, instead of just handing my company to you."
"You suggest this Sesshomaru is incapable?" Sesshomaru asked, narrowing his steely eyes.
"No…no… it is a plan that might benefit you be
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Kingdom Walls- Chapter Three
Frustration: a feeling of anger or annoyance caused by being unable to do something
Sesshomaru stared at the green stain that was left behind from the chair. He willed his body under his control once again and perfected his stoic mask. Sesshomaru looked up and bored his steel eyes into his Fathers.
"This Sesshomaru will humor your conditions," he said knowing that he could not dishonor his Father, yet he did not have to like his decisions. So with an eyebrow raised he coldly replied "However, this Sesshomaru did not know that his Father could fall as low as to consider advice from a human, an onna at that."
Before Sesshomaru could let his Father respond, he turned to leave the study room. As he began to walk towards the door to leave the house, his control began to slip. His body tensed, heavy weights on his shoulder, his throbbing headache returning, all because of a human's advice. Needing to get back to his condo, he opened the door to reveal that onna sitting in front of the door s
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Kingdom Walls- Chapter Four
Aggravation: to make (a disease, situation, problem, etc) worse or more severe
Ringg Ringg Ringg
"Father," Sesshomaru answered into his cellphone.
"My boy! It's been too long! Why do you not come over to visit?" he heard his Father say.
Sesshomaru thought of his last visit to the house and suppressed a growl. He did not want to bump into that onna.
"Why have you called?" Sesshomaru asked.
"Well, do you remember Kagome?" his Father asked, causing Sesshomaru to remember that onna. Sesshomaru felt his hand briefly tighten around his cellphone. Had Sesshomaru not perfected his wall of indifference, he would have had to go out to replace the phone.
"She got accepted to the same University as you, Tokyo University, and the same major, Business! She is so smart isn't she? To be able to go to the same University as you means she must be a genius! Your University doesn't just accept anyone right? I really like this girl Sesshomaru. If you could show her around the campus and give her few tips h
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Kingdom Walls- Chapter Five
Shock: Something that jars the mind or emotions as if with a violent unexpected blow.
Rumors spread throughout the entire University of Tokyo that Sesshomaru Tashio would be participating in the Yearly Business Plan Competition. Applicants to enter this competition usually ranged from 100-200 and then narrowed down to the top 10. In the end, however, only one could win.
This year, however, it seemed that there was no need to narrow down the applicants, for no one dared to go up against Sesshomaru Tashio. It was a tradition for the Business Major's to become socially rejected or taunted if they lost the Yearly Business Plan Competition. Now that Sesshomaru Tashio had entered, everyone knew he would win, so to save their social lives no one had applied. However, another rumor spread stating that there were two applicants in total for the competition; one was Sesshomaru Tashio and the other was a female freshman.
As the days drew closer towards the Yearly Business Plan Competition, whispe
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Kingdom Walls- Chapter Six
Impressed: to affect deeply or strongly in mind or feelings; influence in opinion
"Begin Higurashi-san," one of the Judges announced.
"Myouga-sensei," she called out softly to the judge who had just spoken. "I believe you are well known for your active listening skills amongst the business industry?" she said smiling.
"Why, yes, Higurashi-san," he responded with a hearty laugh.
She looked to the next judge and said, "And Miroku-sensei, your strengths are held in mediating decisions in a team setting?"
The judge nodded with a smile, accepting her remark.
"Shippou-sensei?" She looked to the third judge and smirked. "Your skills of leadership are renown by all the elite business men and women."
The third judge blushed at her comment and said quietly, "Thank you."
"Finally, Jaken-sensei, your research essays based on the business industry show your strengths in writing, I presume?" She said while glancing at the last judge.
"Yes, yes, what is your point Higurashi-san!?" squawked the last j
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Kingdom Walls- Chapter Seven
Intrigued: to arouse the interest of by unusual, new, or otherwise fascinating or compelling qualities; appeal strongly to; captivate
"Number one," Higurashi-san said holding up her thumb, "I get to decide who to hire or fire and you have no say on the management style that I choose."
"Very well" Sesshomaru agreed seeing as he hired her purposely for that matter.
"Number two," raising her fore finger she continued, "Your business plan will also involve partnering with other companies." She said determinately.
"No," Sesshomaru remarked, he knew it would be too much of a risk.
"It will give the company more profit!" she exclaimed, "Sesshomaru-senpai! I'm confident that I can create a stable and close partnership with the necessary companies!" She looked straight into his eyes with her blue eyes revealing determination and promise. Strangely, Sesshomaru felt that it would be worth the gamble after looking into those strong eyes.
"Fine" He gritted out, not one to decide based on one's dete
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Kingdom Walls- Chapter Eight
Intrigued: to arouse the interest of by unusual, new, or otherwise fascinating or compelling qualities; appeal strongly to; captivate
"Half-breed" Sesshomaru voiced, boring his eyes to the half-breed impassively.
"Leave" he ordered, not concerned why the half-breed was in his business plan office.
"Oi, I ain't leaving!" he snarled back.
As Higurashi-san entered the room, she saw Sesshomaru holding Inuyasha by the neck looking at him dispassionately.
"Sesshomaru!" she yelled, "Let Inuyasha go!" Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at her tone. Releasing his hold, the half-breed went sprawling down hard onto the floor. He watched Higurashi-san run towards the half-breed with worry and reached to touch his neck.
"I'm fine" the half-breed said roughly, swatting her hand away.
As two more people entered the room, Higurashi-san quickly sent a glare towards Sesshomaru and returned her attention to the half-breed.
"What are you doing here Inuyasha?" she whispered.
"I'm here to visit the old man, so I
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Kingdom Walls- Chapter Nine
Comfortable: being in a state of physical or mental comfort; contented and undisturbed; at ease.
Knock Knock Knock
Sesshomaru looked up to see Higurashi-san bundled up in a trench coat. He saw her red cheeks as proof the cold chill of fall. She had returned from her meeting with the latest company to recruit for partnership.
"Shall we go?" she asked staring at his pile of paper in front of him.
Looking at his watch, he saw it was already lunch break. Saving the latest contract draft, he stood up grabbing his coat and walked towards Higurashi-san. It had become a ritual for both of them to go to the small café around the corner from the Tashio. He still remembered the first time, 7 months ago, this ritual began.
Flash Back
"Team! I'm back! And guess what? The Shikon Company agreed with the partnership!" Higurashi-san exclaimed the moment she barged into the office. Sesshomaru saw her look at him and blinked. As she looked around the room to find no one but Sesshomaru she asked, "
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Kingdom Walls- Chapter Ten
Appreciation: the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something
"Sesshomaru! My Son! Congratulations! Once you finalize the partnership with Totosai's company, I want you to take over the Tashio at once!" Touga said as Sesshomaru entered into his Father's office, patting him on the back. Sesshomaru's business plan had finally reached its final month. Touga's expression suddenly gloomed.
"If you are concerned about Higurashi-san's contract, it will be extended." Sesshomaru replied noting his Father's expression and constant concern for Hirgurashi-san.
Touga's face brightened, "Brilliant! How is my dear Kagome doing?" Touga said sitting in his office chair.
"Sick" Sesshomaru responded with a slight crease forming between his brow.
Touga, worried for her health, asked, "A flu from the cold winter? Nothing serious I hope?"
Forgetting that Higurashi-san was still human, he began to rethink his decision to not call after the Taijiya reported Higurashi-san's conditio
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Kingdom Walls- Chapter Eleven
Fellowship: a feeling of friendship and support between people who do the same work or have the same interests
A slim muscular figure wearing a precise cut black suit stood facing down on the city through a window from the top floor view of Tashio building. Light shining in from the window made the figure's silver hair glow.
Sesshomaru stood in his Father's empty office that now belonged to him, proof of the success he and Higurashi-san accomplished with the business plan. Even now as the CEO of Tashio, Sesshomaru did not see the importance or what the rage the media was prattling about. With hollow eyes he continued to stare out the window, yet conscious of each passing minute.
Tick Tick Tick
The sound of the clock rang in Sesshomaru's ear. He narrowed his eyes and noted to remove the abominating object. Sesshomaru's jaw clenched briefly. He had piles of work to start, yet… it was lunch break.
'10 minutes' Sesshomaru thought bringing up the fact that caused his annoyance. Higur
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Kingdom Walls- Chapter Twelve
Loyal: A feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection
3 Months had passed since their encounter with Totosai-sama. Sesshomaru ensured that a whole department focused on professional development and placed Kagome as the head-director. Kagome quickly became the driving force of his company, bringing life, motivation, passion, team work into his company. Some of the employees have already called her the "angel" that has saved them from the "devil", which he supposed was him.
As Sesshomaru walked towards Kagome's office, he still received gasps and whispers no matter how many times he would come to retrieve Kagome or visit her.
Arriving in front of her office, a human stopped him. "Ta-T-T-Tashio-sa-sa-sama! How are you-, I mean, What are you doing here-, I mean-." Not wanting to deal with the pathetic human, he walked straight into Kagome's office.
"Kagome" He voiced impassively.
"Ah, Sesshomaru!" Kagome said delighted to see him, "Ready to go meet Totosai-sama?" She teased, kno
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